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July 26 2012

Fulhamish. Address given on booking.

Available during the Olympics: contact artist via his website

how much
£500 per night not including meal

The Phlight Hotel

This is the Olympic accommodation of your dreams; or those of your crazy-ass cousin thrice removed who’s over for the games with nowhere to stay. Artist Simon Tyszko, an old mate of le cool’s, may take you, or your cousin, under his wing. In Simon’s words: “It’s unlikely you’ll get the chance, the artist will only allow you to stay if he really wants you to. If he really likes you, he’ll cook you a meal too. There are various not-sports-themed films to watch on a huge screen (including some specifically not approved by the Olympic committee). There is no TV. It’s tatty and run-down yet full of neon and mad electronica. It’s a full-on live-for-a-night-in-an-artwork experience. Oh and of course, there is a full-scale Dakota aeroplane wing completely cutting the apartment in two.” Details of Simon’s anti-Olympic film, Aipmylo, showing Friday at V22 coming up on the blog. / Delaina Haslam

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